Maria's Top Ten
Top Ten Reasons to Visit
Maria's Sweet Somethings

10. 32 Flavors of Richardson's Premium Ice Cream.

  9. Rich, super thick real fruit frozen Smoothies!

  8. Outrageous variety of scrumptious truffles, fine
      chocolates and yummy candies.

  7. Fabulous gifts and unusual gourmet items too
      numerous to mention. Doggie gourmet treats,

  6. Chocolate body paint! Yeah, baby!!

  5. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

  4. Luscious desserts; coffee, tea, Belgium Hot
      Chocolate, white chocolate frozen smoothies!

  3. Baklava, Baklava, Baklava! (homemade). Enough

  2. Open everyday at 10a.m., indoor and outdoor
      seating (weather permitting!), friendly service
      and charming atmosphere.

And the #1 reason is:

      It's the most decadent place in town!